How to Use Rental Cycle (Minpaku Cycle)

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Usage Agreement


Chapter 1: General Rules

Article 1 Purpose

  1. 1. This usage agreement shall stipulate the various conditions when using the rental cycle system which makes cycle ports of private accommodation facilities (hereinafter “Minpaku Cycle”) managed and operated by Community Velo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “this Company”). The matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be in accordance with laws or general customs.

  2. 2. This agreement shall apply when a guest as defined in Article 2 (3) uses Minpaku Cycle.

Article 2 Definition of Terms

The terms in this agreement shall mean the following.

  1. 1. “Rental Cycle System”

This shall refer to the system in which a bicycle is rented to a user within the service time with the user then returning the bicycle to the place where he/she rented it after use

  1. 2. “Cycle Port”

This shall refer to the place where the bicycles is rented and returned.

  1. 3. “User”

This shall refer to a person staying at a prescribed private accommodation facility who agrees to the usage agreement as an individual with a desire to use Minpaku Cycle and who completes the usage procedures.


Chapter 2: Use of Minpaku Cycle

Article 3 Conclusion of a Joining Contract

  1. 1. A person wishing to use Minpaku Cycle shall make a usage application according to the method designated by this Company from a smartphone, mobile phone or similar. If the applicant is a minor, the said minor shall make an application upon acquiring the consent of his/her guardian in advance.

  2. 2. Only those who can consent to this agreement shall have the right to use Minpaku Cycle; those who cannot consent to this agreement shall not have the right to use Minpaku Cycle.

Article 4 User Declarations

The User shall provide a guarantee to this Company about the matters stipulated in each of the following items when registering for use.

  1. 1. The User has made no false statements in the contents of the application form

  2. 2. The User of the bicycle shall be the said User or a member of family of the said User

  3. 3. The User has no unpaid fees in past rentals

  4. 4. The User has not violated the prohibitions in Article 15 in past rentals

  5. 5. The User has no symptoms of addiction to narcotics, stimulants, thinners or similar

  6. 6. The User is not a member of a criminal organization or criminal organization-related group, or otherwise involved with antisocial forces

Article 5 Cancelation, Temporary Suspension and Resumption of Business

  1. 1. In the event this Company determines it is difficult to continue this business due to the inability to use part or all of Minpaku Cycle, or other reasons, the Company may cancel this business.

  2. 2. In the event this Company determines it is difficult to provide services safely due to natural phenomena, regional events or other reasons, this Company may suspend some or all of the services. Moreover, the same shall apply to the resumption of services after the reasons for the suspension disappear.

Article 6 Payment of Usage Fees

  1. 1. The Minpaku Cycle usage fees shall be automatically withdrawn by credit card. The User shall pay this Company the total amount of the usage fees pertaining to the month in which Minpaku Cycle was used.

  2. 2. In the event use is canceled at the convenience of the User, the User must contact this Company no later than 20:00 on the day prior to use. This Company shall not return usage fees for cancelations made on the day of scheduled use.


Chapter 3: Bicycle Rental and Return Procedures in Minpaku Cycle

Article 7 Rental Procedures

The User shall receive the key of the bicycle according to the procedures prescribed by this Company. The User shall unlock the bicycle with the received key of the bicycle and then head toward his/her destination.

Article 8 Return Procedures

Once the User has finished using the bicycle, the User shall return to the Cycle Port within the prescribed hours and then return the bicycle to the prescribed operator.


Chapter 4: Usage Fees

Article 9 Fees

  1. 1. The fees shall refer to the usage fees, extended usage fees and other fees paid by the User to this Company when the User uses Minpaku Cycle. The usage fees shall be subject to consumption tax separately.

  2. 2. In the event fees are revised, this Company shall make an announcement of the website prescribed by this Company at least one week prior to the revision.


Chapter 5: Responsibilities

Article 10 Inspections and Maintenance

This Company shall perform inspections and maintenance according to the criteria stipulated by this Company on the bicycles of Minpaku Cycle.

Article 11 Bicycle Operation Checks

  1. 1. The User shall perform an operation check (e.g. presence/absence of punctures, chain dislocation and degree of brake effectiveness) on the bicycle each time he/she rents a bicycle.

  2. 2. In the event the User discovers a maintenance defect in a bicycle of Minpaku Cycle during the operation check stipulated in the preceding paragraph, the prescribed operator shall carry out repairs or prepare an alternative bicycle according to the state of the bicycle.

Article 12 Duty of Care

  1. 1. The User shall use Minpaku Cycle with the duty of care of a good manager.

  2. 2. The duty of care stipulated in the preceding paragraph shall continue from when the User rents a bicycle until he/she returns it.

Article 13 Prohibitions

The User shall not perform the following acts during the period of rental in Minpaku Cycle.

  1. 1. The User shall not ride drunk, ride recklessly or violate other traffic laws

  2. 2. The User shall not allow any other individual to use the bicycle of Minpaku Cycle

  3. 3. The User shall not use the bicycle in places where it is not permitted

  4. 4. The User shall not obstruct pedestrians and others

  5. 5. The User shall not remodel, remove or modify the structure, equipment, accessories and otherwise of the bicycle

  6. 6. The User shall not park the bicycle in areas where it is illegal to do so as stipulated by ordinances or otherwise

  7. 7. The User shall not perform any other acts in contrary to laws, public order or morals

Article 14 Abandoned Bicycle Measures

  1. 1. If the User leaves (abandons) the bicycle of Minpaku Cycle in a place prohibited under Paragraph 6 in the preceding article, the User shall bear responsibility for the various expenses (e.g. removal and storage of the abandoned bicycle), the usage fees up to its return and all damages arising in this Company due to the abandonment.

  2. 2. In the event the police or similar contact this Company about the abandonment of a Bicycle in the case stipulated in the preceding paragraph, this Company shall contact the user to move the bicycle promptly to a place designated by this Company and comply with legal measures as a violator of the law. The User shall comply with this.

  3. 3. If this Company pays the expenses stipulated in Paragraph 1, the said User shall promptly pay these expenses to the Company.

Article 15 Obligation to Return the Bicycle of Minpaku Cycle

The User shall return the bicycle of Minpaku Cycle in the state it was in when rented excluding wear in normal use when returning it. If part or all of the bicycle (including fixtures) has been damaged, lost, stolen or similar due to the responsibility of the User, the User shall bear the burden for all expenses necessary to restore the bicycle to its original state (e.g. bicycle repair and re-supply expenses).

Article 16 Measures for the Failure to Return the Bicycle of Minpaku Cycle

  1. 1. If the User does not return the bicycle even after the usage deadline prescribed by this Company has passed and does not respond to a request for return made by this Company or if this Company determines that the bicycle has been stolen due to circumstances such as the whereabouts of the User being unknown, this Company may take legal measures such as collecting a 50,000 yen fee and filing criminal charges.

  2. 2. In the event the preceding paragraph is applicable, the User shall bear responsibility for fees up to the return of the bicycle, the expenses necessary in the search for the collection and use of the bicycle, and any other damages suffered by this Company.

  3. 3. In the event the bicycle is not returned by the User even after the usage deadline passes due to a natural disaster or other force majeure, this Company shall not ask the User to take responsibility for any damages arising as a result of that. In this case, the User shall promptly contact the Management Office and comply with its instructions.

Article 17 Responsibility for Damages

In addition to the stipulations in the provisions of this agreement, in the event the User uses a bicycle of Minpaku Cycle and damages a third party or this Company, the User shall bear responsibility for compensating for those damages except when the User is not liable.


Chapter 6: Bicycle Accident Measures

Article 18 Treatment of Accidents

  1. 1. In the event the bicycle being used during rental suffers a breakdown, the User shall contact Everyone’s Homestay (TEL: 03-6867-8527).

  2. 2. The User shall ensure a breakdown caused by the User is repaired at his/her own expense.

  3. 3. In the event an accessory of the bicycle is lost or damaged, the User shall bear responsibility for a sum equivalent to the actual purchase cost of the said accessory.

Article 19 Theft or Loss of the Bicycle 

  1. 1. In the event the bicycle is stolen or lost, the User shall promptly notify the police and Everyone’s Homestay (TEL: 03-6867-8527) of that situation. In addition, the User shall bear responsibility for the actual purchase cost of the said bicycle as a penalty fee.

  2. 2. This penalty fee shall not be refunded even in the event the bicycle is returned after the receipt of the penalty fee.

Article 20 Compensation

  1. 1. This Company shall insure the User who has rented the bicycle with type 2 TS mark incidental insurance from the Japan Traffic Management Technology Association.

  2. 2. The User shall bear the burden for damages exceeding the compensation limit.

  3. 3. The User shall accept without objection when the damage insurance company or management company compensation systems mean it is not possible to compensate for damages arising as a result of an accident not reported to the police and this Company or of an accident caused by the User violating this agreement.

  4. 4. The compensation stipulated in Paragraph 1 may not apply according to the insurance, such as in the event the incident falls under the disclaimers in the TS mark incidental insurance policy (in the event there will be no insurance payout). The User shall bear the burden for all such damages.

Chapter 7: Disclaimers

Article 21 Disclaimers

The User shall not be able to make a claim for damages exceeding the amount of money paid by the said User as compensation for use of the bicycle of Minpaku Cycle even in the event such damages occur due to use or failure to be able to use the bicycle of Minpaku Cycle regardless of the reason for that.


Chapter 8: Personal Information

Article 22 Purpose of Use of Personal Information

  1. 1. This Company shall use the personal information of the User acquired from the application and performance of the business of Minpaku Cycle under this agreement within the range of the purposes below.

    1. (1) To make appropriate judgments and provide appropriate support when an application is received from the User about the business of this Company and when this Company approves use

    2. (2) To contact the User as necessary in management of the Minpaku Cycle system and to make appropriate judgments and provide appropriate support when checking the identity of the said User in operating the business by the Company

    3. (3) To appropriately manage the contract with the User in this Company and to appropriately handle inquiries and perform management as necessary according to the law even after the termination of the contract

    4. (4) To give information on the services, products, events, campaigns and similar handled by this Company

    5. (5) To perform analysis to improve service/product planning/development and customer satisfaction

    6. (6) To perform management and analysis including to create the statistical materials necessary in operation and management by this Company

    7. 2. In the event this Company outsources the operation and management of the Minpaku Cycle system to a third party, this Company shall provide the personal information acquired according to Paragraph 1 to the said subcontractor.

    8. 3. The User may request the disclosure of his/her own personal information from this Company. In the event, it is found that the personal information possessed by this Company contains inaccuracies or mistakes, this Company shall promptly correct or delete them.

    9. 4. This Company shall jointly use the personal information of the User within the above range.


Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Rules

Article 23 Revisions to the Agreement

In the event this Company revises this agreement, the Company shall make a notification for this by posting it on the website prescribed by this Company. Moreover, the Company may revise this agreement without giving prior notice to the User.

Article 24 Delay Damages

If the User fails to fulfill his/her monetary obligations, the User shall pay delay damages at a rate of 14.6% per annum (calculated daily with 365 days serving as one year in the event less than one year) to this Company.

Article 25 Court with Jurisdiction

The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction if a dispute arises over the rights and obligations under this agreement.


Supplementary Rules

This agreement shall be effective from December 1, 2017.

Inquiries: Everyone’s Homestay (TEL: 03-6867-8527)

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