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New Ways to Have Fun in Cities
Community Velo

Sightseeing by taking the train, bus and taxi? That style of sightseeing is already over! Why don’t you tour around the major sightseeing areas of Tokyo in a community velo?


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Rental Cycle (For Corporations)

Don’t you want to have fun in every nook and corner of the towns you have made the effort to visit? Why don’t you visit the places you want to go to on your preferred route by bicycle?


*If you are a corporate customer, please contact us by e-mail. Will the future also be the era of deliveries by bicycle?


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Lifestyle Transportation
Bicycle Taxis (Capacity: Two Passengers)

How about bicycle taxis as a part of the customer service of your company? Please leave to us short trips to and from local hospitals, supermarkets and commercial facilities!

*Currently, this service is only available for corporations.

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